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Bright Lights, Big City

June 1, 2009

Nothing says summer like glowsticks!  During those camp-outs in the dark, those neon-colored sticks of fun were the best.  Seriously, can you wear a glow necklace without wearing a smile?  Nope.  Glowsticks = good times. 

Sadly, I began to think about how massively environmentally un-friendly glowsticks have to be.  What are they filled with anyway?  That radioactive glow can’t be natural.  But, after some googling, I can safely say your summers are sure to glow…and in style!

IKEA  has come up with a new line of solar-powered lighting.  Perfect for the patio, backyard, tent or even inside the house.  The LED lights consume 70% less energy and lasts 4 times longer than regular bulbs.  There’s no long cords to plug in; the lights have solar cells that transform sunlight into electricity Right now, it looks like they’re only available in store. 

I can’t wait to pick up the Chinese lantern version or these or these!

So, pick up a couple of these cute little lights to bring that big city glow into your own life.  And leave the radioactivity to these guys.

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